Where your tough questions find answers.

A tool for collaborative skills management and internal expert search.

Organize your skills data so it actually makes sense.

Import your skills from LinkedIn. Tell more about your experience and how it links with other skills.

Better search, better advice.

Search coworkers by skills and experience.

Skills management can be collaborative.

If you find a missing skill on a coworker’s page, just add it and have it reviewed.

Track engagement.

Get advice and create chat record to keep track of your engagement.

Use Cases

Internal mentorship program
Use Zipteam as a mentorship platform to maximize learning & growth within your team.
1-on-1 office hours
Facilitate communication between people with different skills and experience through office hours.
Team-wide Knowledge Search
By managing skills on Zipteam, you will be able to search tacit knowledge across your team.
Expert recognition
Surface hidden contribution by experts and integrate it with your employee recognition program.

Private beta coming soon.