Where your tough questions find answers.

Zipteam is the mentorship platform for engineering teams.

Why mentoring?

Mentoring is when a less-experienced person gets an advice from a more-experience person on a specific issue. Mentoring not only improves employee onboarding experience but also drives learning, growth and collaborations throughout your team.

Quick & easy onboarding

Start a mentorship program today by signing up and following these 3 steps:
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1. Add skills
Add skills to yourself and people you know.
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2. Get advice
Search co-workers by skills and get advice.
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3. Create chat record
Create a chat record to keep track of your engagement.

"Specific" at the next level.

Add or import skills and create a skills graph for more context.
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Better search, better advice.

Find domain experts who can help you solve issues quickly or make better decision.
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Track engagement

Track your engagement through chat records and get your contribution visualized.

Join waitlist

Zipteam is currently in Private Beta. We are working on launching it in 2022 with free and paid plans.