Intuitive skills graph.

Represent your skill set visually, linking each skills based on your experience.
GIF animation showing skill addition
GIF animation showing how skills can be co-edited.

Co-edit skills.

On Zipteam, users can add skills to each other for review. By adding skills, you can help surface hidden experts inside your company.

Skills taxonomy on autopilot.

Every workspace has its own skills taxonomy that grow as users enter and link more skills. It’s the easiest way to get started with skills taxonomy.

Skills visualization screenshot
Just type in what you need help with, and you will know who to talk to.
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Increase organizational agility by taking data-driven approach on team formation.
Retain top talents by creating skills-based internal mobility program.
Leverage expert search to adopt peer coaching or internal mentorship program to drive employee-to-employee learning.
Facilitate post M&A integration processes by gaining skills visibility of acquired/merged companies.

Accelerate agile transformation.

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