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Building a successful dream team requires diverse skills and experience. Yet, most teams are formed based on organizational chart or personal connections. With Zipteam, you can uncover hidden gems and build your dream team based on skill data.

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Collect skills data in just 3 steps.

1. Define scope.

Define the first group to collect skills data, and invite them to your new workspace.
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2. Enter your skills.

Enter your skills and corresponding experience, and link them with any relevant skills to make the data more useful.

3. Co-edit skills.

Review your coworkers’ skills graph and add any missing skills. Help uncover any hidden experts!

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Platform that’s designed for skills.

Zipteam uses a graph-based data model that is optimized for skills. Individual skill graphs can be merged to form a skill ontology that is unique to your organization, eliminating the need for complex taxonomies.

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Enterprise-grade Security.

All data is securely isolated per workspace and managed in compliance with privacy regulations. Also supports security requirements, such as single sign-on.

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