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The Collaborative Skills Management

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3 layers of collaboration
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Search coworkers by skills.
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Record & measure connections.
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Visualize team's skills.

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Just type in what you need help with, and you will know who to talk to.
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No need for skills taxonomy.

The traditional skills management assesses employee capabilities using a single skills taxonomy. However, this method isn't scalable and doesn’t collect enough data because of the complexity of entering skills.

Zipteam solves these challenges through graph-based skills management. Employees create a visual representation of their skills, linking skills to each other based on their actual experience. You can also merge employees’ skills graphs and analyze skills at team level.

Collaborative skills management.

On Zipteam, users can add skills to each other for review. By adding skills, you can help surface hidden experts inside your company.
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Record and measure connections.

By creating a record every time you reach out to someone or vice versa, you can measure the internal engagement and its ROI.

Visualize team’s skills.

Get a bird’s-eye view of your team’s skills.
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Retain top talents
Retain top talents through internal mobility and L&D programs.
Drive collaboration
Drive collaboration by enabling employees to find internal SMEs.
Surface hidden experts
Surface hidden experts, visualize experts’ contribution.
Close the skills gap
Close the skills gap through reskilling/upskilling.

Collect your team’s skills data now.

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